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Virtual Production

Experience unlimited creativity in commercial and film production.


In-Camera VFX

You've seen it on Disney and in The Batman!

In-camera VFX uses tracking data to communicate with Unreal Engine (UE) creating a realistic parallax when filming on an LED screen. This data can also be exported and used in post for VFX workflows when filming on green or blue. The secret sauce for a high quality production is in the experience of the UE developers and Virtual Production crew.

The recent work below was  filmed entirely at our studios on an LED Volume.


Mastering The Volume: Episode II


Custom Plates
& Motion Graphics

Creating high quality plates and animations is a great way to use virtual production. Custom plates are perfectly designed to match the depth of field for each shot and motion graphics are used to bring life to product shoots and creative concepts.

Agency: Door No. 3

Production Company: The Bear

Virtual Production & Unreal Engine Development: Virtigo Pictures

Client: Mahlkonig

Production Company: Canyon House Films

Virtual Production & MoGraph: Virtigo Pictures

Agency: Freeman

Production Company: Mile 80

Volume Stage & XR Support: Virtigo Pictures

An image of "69 minutes" with Tom Segura. Studio segments used virtual production for the set.

Client: YMH Studios

Production Company: John John Productions

Virtual Production & MoGraph: Virtigo Pictures


DIY Solutions for Small Business & Indie

A great way to get started in virtual production can be with a simple project. We'll guide you through knowing which plates to choose or how to create them yourself.


We take plates of our client's offices and interview them at the studio. This gives us more time to film, reduces stress of moving gear around offices and fighting small spaces. Our client's love coming to the studio — they feel more comfortable and focused than they do at a busy office.

Plates & Stock

Unreal Engine Development

Unreal Engine is used to create realistic virtual environments that can be used with fluid camera tracking or as high-quality custom plates.